The Inaugural Case

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District Court for the District of Columbia

2008-12-30 Plaintiffs submits Original Complaint 
   Appendix A (Religions broken down)
   Appendix B (Inaugural Clergy 1937-2005)
   Appendix C (Anti-Catholicism in Early America)
   Appendix D (JCCIC Announcement)
   Civil Cover Sheet
2008-12-30 Plaintiffs' Corporate Disclosure Statement
2009-01-05 Plaintiffs' Motion to Admit pro hac vice
2009-01-05 Plaintiffs' Motion for Preliminary Injunction
   Appendix A (USSC Neutrality opinions)
   Appendix B (JCCIC Inaugural Program)
   Appendix C (USSC Dicta)
2009-01-05  Federal Defendants' Attorney Notice of Appearance
2009-01-05 Court ORDER granting PHV and setting Hearing date
2009-01-08  Defendant PIC's Response to Preliminary Injunction Motion
   Exhibit A
   Proposed Order
2009-01-08 Fed Defendants' Memo in Response to Plaintiffs' PI Motion
   Exhibit - Newdow 2001 Complaint
   Exhibit - Newdow 2001 F&R #1
   Exhibit - Newdow 2001 Order
   Exhibit - Newdow 2001 F&R #2
   Exhibit - Newdow 2001 Order - F&R #1
   Exhibit - Newdow 2001 Judge Karlton Order
   Exhibit - AFIC Declaration
   Exhibit - John Roberts' Counselor's Declaration
   Exhibit - Medhurst Excerpts
   Exhibit - Presidential Inaugural Addresses
   Exhibit - Proposed Motion
2009-01-09 Federal Defendants' Errata
   AFIC Declaration
   Table of Contents
2009-01-09 Federal Defendants' Attorney Notice of Appearance
2009-01-10 Plaintiffs' Reply to PI Opposition
   Appendix A
   Appendix B
   Appendix C
2009-01-10 Plaintiffs' Supplemental Declaration
   Request for Leave to Submit Supplemental Declaration
2009-01-10 PIC Attorney's Notice of Appearance
2009-01-12 PIC Attorney's Notice of Appearance
2009-01-12 Plaintiff's Explanation regarding late filing
2009-01-12 Amicus Brief of the 50 Attorneys General Motion
   Proposed Order
2009-01-12 Federal Defendants' Objection to Supplemental Affidavit
2009-01-12 Court ORDER to show cause
2009-01-12 Court ORDER granting Texas Attorney General et al Amicus Brief
2009-01-13 Motion for Judicial Notice of Brown v Bd of Educ Brief
   Brown v Bd of Educ Brief
   Proposed Order
2009-01-13 PIC Attorney Notice of Appearance
2009-01-14 Amended Declaration of Michael Newdow
2009-01-14 Plaintiff's Motion for Protective Order
   Proposed Motion
2009-01-14 Historians' Amicus Brief
2009-01-14 Court Order Denying Judicial Notice of Brown v Bd of Educ
2009-01-14 Court Order granting leave to file
2009-01-14 Court Order regarding affidavits
2009-01-15 Rev. Warren's Opposition to the Preliminary Injunction
2009-01-15 Court Transcript of hearing on Preliminary Injunction motion
2009-01-16 Judge Walton's court ORDER regarding Preliminary Injunction
2009-01-15 Amicus Brief of Margaret Downey
2009-02-10 Judge Walton's court ORDER regarding mootness
2009-02-23 Plaintiff's Response to First Order to Show Cause
   Appendix A (JCCIC announcement)
   Appendix B (Judge Walton cases)
   Appendix C (Fed 2001 Reply Brief)
   Appendix D (Newdow Declaration)
   Appendix E (2005 Inaugural ticket reservation)
   Appendix F (2003 Lib of Cong email)
   Appendix G (C Bickford email)
   Appendix H (Myth Perpetuators)
2009-03-12 Judge Walton files the Court Order dismissing the case
2009-04-05 Plaintiffs file Notice of Appeal

U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia

2009-04-14 Court Order seeking assorted documents
2009-05-14 Plaintiffs' (Public) Certificate as to Parties, etc.
2009-05-14 Plaintiffs' Docketing Statement
2009-05-14 Plaintiffs' (Public) Entry of Appearance
2009-05-14 Plaintiffs' Motion to File Material Under Seal
2009-05-14 Plaintiffs' Submission of Underlying Decision
2009-06-24 Court Order granting ACLJ's Motion to Submit Amicus Brief
2009-07-10 Court Order Granting Plaintiffs' Motion to File Under Seal
2009-07-17 Court Order Setting Out Briefing Schedule
2009-08-31 Plaintiffs' Appellants' Opening Brief
   Appendix [6 megs]
2009-09-30 Federal Defendants' Respondents' Brief
   Supplemental Appendix (Part I)
   Supplemental Appendix (Part II)
2009-09-30 Defendant PIC's Respondents' Brief
2009-09-30 Defendant Clergy's Respondents' Brief
2009-10-29 Plaintiffs' Reply Brief
2009-11-03 Plaintiffs' Supplemental Authority (Peck)
2009-12-01 Plaintiffs' Supplemental Authority (Stratechuk)
2009-12-07 Plaintiffs' Motion to Dispense with Religious Opening Cry
2009-12-07 Court Order regarding Oral Argument
2009-12-08 Clergy's Response to Motion to Dispense with Opening Cry
2009-12-09 Court Order Denying Motion to Dispense with Opening Cry
2009-12-15 Court's Minutes of Oral Argument
2009-12-24 Plaintiffs' Supplemental Authority (Mayfield)
2009-12-28 Plaintiffs' Supplemental Authority (Moore)
2010-01-06 Plaintiffs' Supplemental Authority (Farrakhan)
2010-01-16 Plaintiffs' Supplemental Authority (Grayson)
2010-04-29 Plaintiffs' Supplemental Authority (Salazar)
2010-05-07 Court's Judgment
2010-05-07 Court's Opinions
2010-05-07 Court's Order regarding Mandate